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Bash and Linux Some tips about bash and Linux.

Use you local server to replace the cloud with FRP.

Why am I doing this? I've been complaining: the public cloud is too expensive. A typical server costs about 150USD a month. And because I use a lot of Azure PaaS services, my current business needs to cause me to spend more than 500USD per month. In addition, the database and App Service are both costly. This practice proves: that using Azure is very expensive. So I've been thinking: I have a lot  …

IP bash Linux Windows Server Cloud FRP Network Port Firewall

Auto backup for Minecraft on Linux

Recently, I was addicted to Minecraft. And I hosted a server. In order to backup the server automatically, I have tried many solutions. Git solution Git solution requires a lot of CPU when compressing the objects. And may impact the game performance since Java itself requires a lot of CPU. So I finally gave up Git.   Copy solution Copy the world folder to anther place is super simple. Before try  …

bash Linux Minecraft Backup

Programmatically connect to the remote server via SSH and execute remote command.

Recently I was trying to build a server management tool. That I need to connect to my server (Ubuntu) programmatically. I usually access my server via SSH, as a normal human. So I wanna do it with the same approach. First, create a new .NET Core project with: dotnet new console After creating the new project, install the latest SSH.NET library. Reference: NuGet Gallery | SSH.NET 2020.0.1 And  …

C# .NET Core bash Linux SSH

FFmpeg 用法概览

用法概览 ffmpeg有两种用法,一种是复制流,一种是编码流。 复制流 如果采用复制流,其参数简单,工作效率会极高,而且处理器占用率极低,往往能够每秒复制几千帧,是视频播放速度的几百倍。这种方法非常推荐。 但是,复制流无法修改视频的码率、分辨率,也无法改变视频格式。 如果需要直播,建议先将视频编码为可以直播的视频,再使用复制流的方法推流。 编码流 如果采用编码流,其参数复杂,工作效率极低,处理器占用率极高,一般能够达到和视频播放速度相当或显著低于视频播放速度。这种方法仅适合于非直播场景。 但是,编码流,可以修改流的码率、分辨率,可以改变流的格式。 查看视频信息 ffmpeg可以直接查看到视频的分辨率、码率、帧率、HDR、编码器等信息。 使用命令: ffmpeg -i ./filename.mp4 例如我这里有这几个文件: file 其中 Design[4K,SDR,H264,120fps] …

bash FFmpeg

Best-practice for authentication after creating a new Linux server

This article helps you change the following items if your cloud provider didn't do that for you. Create your own account instead of root. Disable password login and force to use SSH key to log in. Disable root account. Enable sudo without password. Before starting the process, make sure you have a valid SSH key-pair locally. Fist, connect to the server. (With root password). you@local  …

bash Linux Ubuntu SSH

Download any Azure Media Service video or live stream with FFmpeg.

This blog shows a tutorial about how to download any Azure media service video or live stream. Before starting, you need to have FFmpeg installed. No matter you are using Windows, Linux, or Mac OS. Download latest FFmpeg here: After installing it, prepare a command: ffmpeg -protocol_whitelist file,http,https,tcp,tls,crypto -i "{0}" -c copy video.mp4 And you  …

Azure Media Player bash Azure Azure Media Service Download FFmpeg

Tips for Azure CLI script programming on bash

Ask the user to select the Azure cloud under which he runs the Azure CLI: login_azure() { no_cloud=true while $no_cloud; do echo 'Select your cloud:' az cloud list --output table read -p 'Enter the name:' cloudName az cloud set --name $cloudName && no_cloud=false done az account show || az login echo 'To logout, please press `  …

bash Azure DevOps Azure CLI

Install Azure CLI on Windows 10 and use it in bash

The Azure command-line interface (CLI) is Microsoft's cross-platform command-line experience for managing Azure resources. The Azure CLI is designed to be easy to learn and get started with, but powerful enough to be a great tool for building custom automation to use Azure resources. The Azure CLI is available to install in Windows, macOS and Linux environments. It can also be run in a Docker  …

bash Azure Azure CLI PowerShell

Ubuntu bash experience for Windows Terminal without Linux subsystem

Bash is the major shell client I use. On Windows 10 I really enjoy git-bash. But how to set bash to the default terminal in the new Windows terminal? Brief steps: Install a Linux style shell like git-bash. Install the Windows Terminal Make git-bash the default terminal in Windows Terminal Make the theme looks like Ubuntu style. Allow Ctrl + V to paste Allow starting WT in the directory  …

bash Ubuntu Windows 10 Windows Terminal

Linux Cheatsheet for Windows Users

A notebook for Windows folks like me who struggle to remember Linux commands Before starting Control options Operation Command Example Execute command one by one command1; command2 Execute command1 background command1 & command2 Execute command2 if 1 success command1 && command2 Execute command2 if 1 fail command1 || command2 Reverse the command result !command1 Pipeline options  …

bash Linux Ubuntu

One command to pull all git repositories

Every time I start my computer, I gonna open bash and pull all my repositories. My folder structure looks like this: So how can I pull all my repos with only one command? First, create a new file: under the folder WorkSpace Change the content to: find . -maxdepth 2 -mindepth 2 -type d ( ! -name . ) -exec bash -c "cd '{}' && pwd && git pull" ; And execute the  …

bash git

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