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Install Windows 11 side-by-side without a USB drive

This tutorial only for existing Windows users which needs to install the second Windows along-side it without USB disk or CD. How When you have the Windows installer, you can directly unzip the install.wim to a new partition. This process does not need to restart or enter the PE environment, so no USB storage disk nor CD is required.   After the decompression is complete, directly boot the new  …

Windows 10 PowerShell Windows Windows 11 Install DISM Bcdedit Boot BCD


我们每天的生活都离不开微信。微信基本上已经成了在中国生活的一部分。 但是,微信有些方面的功能总是看起来令人觉得有些奇怪。例如: 微信几乎是第一款需要手机扫码才能登录PC端的 微信群和微信聊天记录在切换设备后会完全无法同步 你无法得知自己是否被一个微信好友拉黑了 你不能同时在多个移动设备上同时登录微信 从产品的角度来看,这些设定看起来彷佛是在给用户制造障碍,也成了大家普遍对微信的槽点。那么,微信的团队为什么要这么设计,而为什么又不改良它的体验呢?我想或许问题并不只是产品和需求分析这么简单,而是还需要进一步探寻架构上的本质。 在我生活在澳大利亚期间,我发现一件很有趣的事情:在澳大利亚,我使用微信给同样在澳大利亚的好友发送微信消息,他也可以几乎瞬间收到。假想微信在国内建立单点的服务器,那么这种性能一定不足以支撑澳大利亚内的通信。数据从澳洲抵达中国再从中国推送到澳洲至少需要500ms。而表现来看 …

Web WeChat Distributed Messging IM

EF second layer cache to enhance your SQL database performance based on Redis

Entity-Framework Core is a lightweight, extensible, open-source, and cross-platform version of the popular Entity Framework data access technology. It really helps the developer to build applications which access database easily. But in most cases, we may cache some results which do not change frequently, to reduce access to our database. For example, the home page of a blog may not change  …

ASP.NET Core C# SQL Server SQL Entity Framework Core Azure Redis Caching

Get an ideal flight simulator free based on X-Plane 11 (Free plugins)

Video: Or(China edition): Before reading this, you need to have X-Plane 11 installed. Buy X-Plane 11 here: Every time I install X-Plane 11, I gonna install many plugins to get better fly experience. And I will try to list all the plugins I use free which helps me to get perfect fly  …

X-Plane Flight simulation Flight Plugins Plane Configuration Free

Tips to get better performance for Entity Framework Core

Only get the data you need And the key reason for your slow query is it outputs too much data. Consider adding: Take(200), Skip() to take only the data you need or the current page requires. Use a pager to generate the report. This might helps a lot. Consider the following code (BAD Example) var myArticles = await _dbContext .Articles .Where(t => t.OwnerId == me.Id) .  …

Entity Framework SQL Performance Database

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