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Build a common cache service for your C# app.

Recently, I found that almost every time I creates a new .NET app, I gonna need cache service. While Microsoft officially provides the IMemoryCache, I found that it is pretty complicated for you to use it. For it requires a lot of code. So I wrapped it to a more common one. Before starting, make sure the project references Microsoft.Extensions.Caching.Memory and Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.  …

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Tips to get better performance for Entity Framework Core

Only get the data you need And the key reason for your slow query is it outputs too much data. Consider adding: Take(200), Skip() to take only the data you need or the current page requires. Use a pager to generate the report. This might helps a lot. Consider the following code (BAD Example) var myArticles = await _dbContext .Articles .Where(t => t.OwnerId == me.Id) .  …

Entity Framework SQL Performance Database

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