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Lint markdown with customized rule by JavaScript

Recently, I have a repository with a lot of markdown files. Anduin2017/HowToCook: 程序员在家做饭方法指南。Programmer's guide about how to cook at home (Chinese only). ( I installed some markdown lint plugins. However, there are some customized need for me to lint files. I think it might be a good idea to lint it with node JS, since it configures easily in GitHub pipeline and works with some  …

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Display code coverage information for .NET Core project using Azure DevOps.

Target. Display code coverage information on your own .NET Core project. First, create a build pipeline in your Azure DevOps. If you are using the classic designer, you need to add new .NET Core command line step. Make sure you publish the test result. As for the Arguments input, insert: --configuration $(buildConfiguration) --collect "Code coverage" Or if you are using YAML: Add  …

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