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Install Windows store app with WinGet

Now winget supports to install a Microsoft store app. First, you need to get the store app Id. Go to the Microsoft official website: And search the store app here. For example:   Click it. And now you have the address. So, for example, the 'to do app' has ID: 9nblggh5r558 You can use command to open store: ms-windows-store://pdp/?ProductId=9  …

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Install Windows 11 side-by-side without a USB drive

This tutorial only for existing Windows users which needs to install the second Windows along-side it without USB disk or CD. How When you have the Windows installer, you can directly unzip the install.wim to a new partition. This process does not need to restart or enter the PE environment, so no USB storage disk nor CD is required.   After the decompression is complete, directly boot the new  …

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Retry with exponetial back-off on C#

Just built a simple retry engine in C#. /// /// Retry engine. /// public class RetryEngine { private static Random rnd = new Random(); private readonly ILogger logger; /// /// Creates new retry engine. /// /// Logger public RetryEngine(  …

C# .NET Retry

找到玄学问题的根源的方法 - 夹逼调试法

背景 最近经常会有人找我问一些非常有趣,但是又非常玄学的问题。这类玄学问题我指的是正常情况下明明能工作,现在却不知为何无法工作的情况。 这些问题往往和非常多的难以预料的因素(例如环境)有关。例如:为什么我无法将一个文件签入到git? 解决大部分玄学问题,往往需要我主动在他的电脑上进行大量操作、环境分析,才能知道到底是哪里对程序产生了影响。或往往需要我反复沟通数十条消息才能真正判断问题所在。而且这类问题,由于正常情况下是能工作的,所以非常难以通过Google和Stack Overflow解决。 后来我想,与其每次都花费大量时间帮别人解决问题,不如抽象出一套能够解决上述问题的通用方法,来让大部分人能够自行解决这些问题。 夹逼调试法由此诞生。 夹逼调试法 夹逼调试法,指的是通过两个方向共同限制作用,使得问题根源的可能范围集中在最小化的条件变化中。 夹逼调试法适用于解决: 平时或  …