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Bootstrap dark theme minimum style

Now Apple is forcing all apps in its app store to support dark mode. Also, most native Android apps already support the dark theme. Viewing a screen which white background when you enabled dark mode on your device will greatly harm the viewer's eyes. Like lots of websites are made by bootstrap. So how can we get a solution with minimum changes and allows the website to support automatically  …

Web CSS Bootstrap Media Query Style Dark theme

Microsoft account integrated sign in via C#

This code example indicates how to build an app that supports Microsoft account OAuth authentication. Before coding, we gonna create an app in your Azure portal first. The name is your app's display name. Select your app can access accounts in any organization and personal Microsoft account. As for the redirect URI, it must be your server redirect back address. For  …

ASP.NET Core Azure Microsoft OAuth Login Authentication

Install Azure CLI on Windows 10 and use it in bash

The Azure command-line interface (CLI) is Microsoft's cross-platform command-line experience for managing Azure resources. The Azure CLI is designed to be easy to learn and get started with, but powerful enough to be a great tool for building custom automation to use Azure resources. The Azure CLI is available to install in Windows, macOS and Linux environments. It can also be run in a Docker  …

bash Azure Azure CLI PowerShell

Ubuntu bash experience for Windows Terminal without Linux subsystem

Bash is the major shell client I use. On Windows 10 I really enjoy git-bash. But how to set bash to the default terminal in the new Windows terminal? Brief steps: Install a Linux style shell like git-bash. Install the Windows Terminal Make git-bash the default terminal in Windows Terminal Make the theme looks like Ubuntu style. Allow Ctrl + V to paste Allow starting WT in the directory  …

bash Ubuntu Windows 10 Windows Terminal

Publish app from Azure DevOps to non-global Azure like Azure CN

如何使用Azure DevOps将编译完的应用发布到非Azure Global环境,例如Azure CN。 Publishing an app from Azure DevOps to Azure global is super easy. Simply a few clicks and you can find your azure subscription and publish it in a minute. Like this: But in some cases, our customers might be using other Azure environments, like Azure Arc, Azure for government and Azure CN. And we can't find our subscriptions easily via  …

Azure App Service Azure Azure DevOps DevOps Azure CN China