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Linux Cheatsheet for Windows Users

A notebook for Windows folks like me who struggle to remember Linux commands Before starting Control options Operation Command Example Execute command one by one command1; command2 Execute command1 background command1 & command2 Execute command2 if 1 success command1 && command2 Execute command2 if 1 fail command1 || command2 Reverse the command result !command1 Pipeline options  …

bash Linux Ubuntu

How to write a bot for Kahla

Kahla.SDK Kahla.SDK is a library for writting bots and extends for Kahla. Tutorial - How to create a bot with Kahla.SDK This will introduce how to write a bot for Kahla. Before starting, make sure you have .NET Core SDK installed. Download .NET Core SDK here. Create a new console .NET Core app Open your terminal and type the following command to create a new console app. $ mkdir  …

C# .NET Core Aiursoft Kahla Bot Kahla.SDK Kahla App Console App

Creating a Model for an existing database in Entity Framework Core (DB First)

Install EF first: dotnet tool install --global dotnet-ef Try to execute the following command under your project folder: $ dotnet ef dbcontext scaffold "Server=....." Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.SqlServer -o Models And fill the string Server=..... with your database connection string. Make sure that you can connect to this database successfully. And EF will try to build models from the  …

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Sync data to database with Entity-Framework Core

We already know how to add data to database. That's simple: _dbContext.MyDbSet.Add(myObject); But there may already exists some data in the database. We need to delete the obsolete data, and try to add the missing data. For example, I have some numbers: 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3 While in the database there is: 1, 1, 1, 5 To seed the database to the way we expected, we shall delete the first 1 and  …

C# Entity Framework Database Data Sync


最近公司有个项目想对接腾讯云直播。腾讯云直播的推流链接是在客户端生成的,所以这段代码就别指望调用API获取了。 遗憾的是,腾讯云的网站上,只给了Java和PHP的代码示例,并没有给出C#的代码示例: 而我实在看不懂他Java的代码实例中那个txTime参数是从哪冒出来的。自己试了试各种方案,最后终于猜出来,原来是自1970年到今天的总秒数。 剩下的就是求一下MD5,拼接字符串,转一下十六进制。都是体力活,拿C#写也不算费劲。 折腾一阵后,终于搞定。 using System; using System.Security.Cryptography; using System.Text; namespace TencentCloud { public class Program { // Any value is fine.  …

C# .NET Core Tencent Cloud Live Streaming China