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Fire and forget in ASP.NET Core with dependency alive

C# fire and forget might not be suitable in ASP.NET Core To fire and forget in C#, it is really simple: Task.Run(() => FireAway()); But the same approach might not be suitable in ASP.NET Core Controller. Consider the following example: public class MyController : Controller { private readonly MyHeavyDependency _hd; public MyController(MyHeavyDependency hd) { _hd  …

ASP.NET Core C# Async Fire and forget

How to serialize JSON object in C# without Newtonsoft Json

In many cases, we may not be able to access Newtonsoft.Json package. Like sometime there might be different packages using different versions of it, which may cause version conflict via build. That usually happens in some projects really large. So how can we play with JSON as while without it? In pure C#? First, copy the following class to your project: public static class MyJsonConverter {  …

C# JSON .NET Newtonsoft.Json