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PowerShell Tips about PowerShell

Install Windows store app with WinGet

Now winget supports to install a Microsoft store app. First, you need to get the store app Id. Go to the Microsoft official website: And search the store app here. For example:   Click it. And now you have the address. So, for example, the 'to do app' has ID: 9nblggh5r558 You can use command to open store: ms-windows-store://pdp/?ProductId=9 …

PowerShell Windows Winget Microsoft Store UWP Store

The simplest way to retry in PowerShell

$attempt = 0 do { try { Do-SomeThing-That-May-Crash-Here $success = $true } catch { if ($attempt -eq 5) { throw } Write-Host "Task failed. Attempt $attempt. Will retry in next $(5 * $attempt) seconds. Error: $($Error[0])" -ForegroundColor Yellow Start-Sleep -Seconds $(5 * $attempt) } $attempt++ } until($ …

PowerShell Retry

Enable PowerShell remoting for Windows Server machines

Like you can use SSH to execute remote command on a remote Linux machine and you can also execute remote PowerShell on a target Windows Server. To enable it with a self-signed certificate, execute the following command: (Execute it on your server) > Get-ChildItem WSMan:\Localhost\listener | Remove-Item -Recurse # Remove old listeners > Cert = New-SelfSignedCertificate -CertstoreLocation …

PowerShell Windows Server Remote Management WMI

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