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Reverse Proxy

CaddyV2 tips and examples (How to correctly get user's IP address after a reverse proxy)

Here are some tips when I am using CaddyV2 as a reverse proxy. Directly render HTML { respond / h1Welcome/h1 200 } Reverse proxy on certain address { reverse_proxy /admin http://v2ray:10000 { } } Permenant redirect { redir{uri} permanent } Reversey proxy and add custom header  …

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Creating a proxy to another URL with ASP.NET Core

This post talks about writing a simple HTTP proxy logic in C# or ASP.NET Core. And allowing your project to proxy the request to any other URL. It is not about deploying a proxy server for your ASP.NET Core project. Before starting, you need to be clear about the target you are going to proxy for. It shall be an URL. Add the following code anywhere of your project. public static  …

ASP.NET Core Reverse Proxy Web Proxy

Use IIS or Azure App Service as a reverse proxy

IIS is a popular web server with awesome GUI management and high performance. And sometimes we just need IIS works as a reverse proxy. Last week, I was building Aiursoft.IO. Aiursoft.IO is a project which reverse-proxies to provide a shorter download URL. And we already have a Windows Server virtual machine and Azure App Service Plan. So we don't plan to buy an  …

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