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CaddyV2 tips and examples (How to correctly get user's IP address after a reverse proxy)

Here are some tips when I am using CaddyV2 as a reverse proxy. Directly render HTML { respond / h1Welcome/h1 200 } Reverse proxy on certain address { reverse_proxy /admin http://v2ray:10000 { } } Permenant redirect { redir{uri} permanent } Reversey proxy and add custom header  …

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Use you local server to replace the cloud with FRP.

Why am I doing this? I've been complaining: the public cloud is too expensive. A typical server costs about 150USD a month. And because I use a lot of Azure PaaS services, my current business needs to cause me to spend more than 500USD per month. In addition, the database and App Service are both costly. This practice proves: that using Azure is very expensive. So I've been thinking: I have a lot  …

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