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Setup Minecraft perfect game experience

Brief This article introduces about how I configure my local Minecraft client. This post is for Java edition. Not Bedrock(mobile) edition! Step 1 - Install Java Run the following command with admin: winget install Microsoft.OpenJDK.17 Step 2 - Install Minecraft You can buy Minecraft launcher (Java) at Xbox Store:  …

Configuration Minecraft Game Java

Best practice after installing Windows Server | Why you should NEVER use 'Administrator' user?

This article helps you change the following items if your cloud provider didn't do that for you. Rename server, (optional) join AD domain. Create your own account instead of Administrator. Disable Administrator login. Change remote desktop default port. Disable IIS dangerous protocol. Install some very infrastructure tools. After you buying a Windows Server from some cloud provider, or just  …

Security Windows Server Cloud Configuration

Use Windows as a stateless OS on your devices

Why stateless device, stateless OS? OS might be buggy Now Windows 11 is very buggy. Stuck everyday. Unresponsive everyday. Store stop working every day. Since those tiny problems emerge endlessly on Windows 11. Often inexplicable systems will fall into weird failures. Solving these problems is very difficult, and it may require us to understand how Windows works. However,  …

PowerShell Windows Windows 11 Automation Configuration Device Reimage

Get an ideal flight simulator free based on X-Plane 11 (Free plugins)

Video: Or(China edition): Before reading this, you need to have X-Plane 11 installed. Buy X-Plane 11 here: Every time I install X-Plane 11, I gonna install many plugins to get better fly experience. And I will try to list all the plugins I use free which helps me to get perfect fly  …

X-Plane Flight simulation Flight Plugins Plane Configuration Free

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