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Use you local server to replace the cloud with FRP.

Why am I doing this? I've been complaining: the public cloud is too expensive. A typical server costs about 150USD a month. And because I use a lot of Azure PaaS services, my current business needs to cause me to spend more than 500USD per month. In addition, the database and App Service are both costly. This practice proves: that using Azure is very expensive. So I've been thinking: I have a lot  …

IP bash Linux Windows Server Cloud FRP Network Port Firewall

Best practice after installing Windows Server | Why you should NEVER use 'Administrator' user?

This article helps you change the following items if your cloud provider didn't do that for you. Rename server, (optional) join AD domain. Create your own account instead of Administrator. Disable Administrator login. Change remote desktop default port. Disable IIS dangerous protocol. Install some very infrastructure tools. After you buying a Windows Server from some cloud provider, or just  …

Security Windows Server Cloud Configuration

Install Windows 11 on Vultr cloud machine

In this blog, I gonna draft a solution for you to install any Windows OS on the Vultr cloud server.   Before starting Before starting, there are several points about why I choose Vultr and why you need to build a Windows 11 image on Vultr. Vultr is cheap Compared with other cloud service providers, Vultr is cheap. A 4GB RAM, 80GB SSD machine, costs about 24USD per month. While other platforms  …

PowerShell Windows Server Cloud Windows Windows 11 DISM Bcdedit Vultr Cloud PC

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