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Install Nextcloud on a Ubuntu 20.04\22.04 server

Step 1 - Buy a server and basic configuration You can buy a pure server at Vultr. After you installing a pure Ubuntu, or buying a new cloud Ubuntu server, you need to first finish the basic authentication configuration. Follow instructions here to: Delete other accounts. Create your own account instead of root. Disable password login and force to use SSH key to log in. Disable root account.  …

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Lint markdown with customized rule by JavaScript

Recently, I have a repository with a lot of markdown files. Anduin2017/HowToCook: 程序员在家做饭方法指南。Programmer's guide about how to cook at home (Chinese only). ( I installed some markdown lint plugins. However, there are some customized need for me to lint files. I think it might be a good idea to lint it with node JS, since it configures easily in GitHub pipeline and works with some  …

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Build a package that can be used in browser and node with TypeScript

Sometimes I may need to share some of my logic\algorithm with other developers. In this case I might need to build a library. That library might be used in the customer's browser, or might be referenced by other front-end projects, may be based on Angular or React. So how can we build a package with TypeScript that benefits from strong type while can be installed\reference\used by others? After  …

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Use Azure Key Vault to store connection strings for App Service.

Sometimes, we need to provide key-values as environment variables for Azure app service, like database connection strings. In some cases, we might need someone to collaborate managing the app service. However, with app service environment variables access, he will also be able to connect to the database manually and do custom database operations, like drop database. That is not what we expected.  …

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FFmpeg 用法概览

背景 最近买了个4K,144Hz的 HDR 显示器。新的显示器很不错,于是我想先进行测试一下。 于是我下载了非常多 4K 视频,准备观赏观赏。但是很快发现,怎么得到最优质的播放体验还是一个深坑。而衡量视频质量,除了看分辨率,还要看编码格式,码率,色彩,HDR等信息。 显然,现在折腾视频,最方便的工具就是 ffmpeg 了。FFmpeg 是一个开放源代码的自由软件,可以执行音频和视频多种格式的录影、转换、串流功能,非常适合快速、批量的修改视频。 开始之前 安装ffmpeg ffmpeg 的最新版下载地址始终都是: 直接将其下载,解压,放到一个地方,将 exe 文件所在路径加入环境变量 PATH 即可。 了解视频的编码格式 开始之前,需要先了解平时经常使用的编码格式和平台支持情况,以及什 …

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ASP.NET Core Integration Test using MSTest

In the official document, there is only an example of the ASP.NET Core integration test using xunit. But what if you don't like xunit? Can we replace that with MSTest? Yes. We can. Brief steps Uninstall xunit. Install MSTest instead. First, clear the project structure. Install MSTest for your test project. Start your  …

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Creating a proxy to another URL with ASP.NET Core

This post talks about writing a simple HTTP proxy logic in C# or ASP.NET Core. And allowing your project to proxy the request to any other URL. It is not about deploying a proxy server for your ASP.NET Core project. Before starting, you need to be clear about the target you are going to proxy for. It shall be an URL. Add the following code anywhere of your project. public static  …

ASP.NET Core Reverse Proxy Web Proxy


我们每天的生活都离不开微信。微信基本上已经成了在中国生活的一部分。 但是,微信有些方面的功能总是看起来令人觉得有些奇怪。例如: 微信几乎是第一款需要手机扫码才能登录PC端的 微信群和微信聊天记录在切换设备后会完全无法同步 你无法得知自己是否被一个微信好友拉黑了 你不能同时在多个移动设备上同时登录微信 从产品的角度来看,这些设定看起来彷佛是在给用户制造障碍,也成了大家普遍对微信的槽点。那么,微信的团队为什么要这么设计,而为什么又不改良它的体验呢?我想或许问题并不只是产品和需求分析这么简单,而是还需要进一步探寻架构上的本质。 在我生活在澳大利亚期间,我发现一件很有趣的事情:在澳大利亚,我使用微信给同样在澳大利亚的好友发送微信消息,他也可以几乎瞬间收到。假想微信在国内建立单点的服务器,那么这种性能一定不足以支撑澳大利亚内的通信。数据从澳洲抵达中国再从中国推送到澳洲至少需要500ms。而表现来看 …

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EF second layer cache to enhance your SQL database performance based on Redis

Entity-Framework Core is a lightweight, extensible, open-source, and cross-platform version of the popular Entity Framework data access technology. It really helps the developer to build applications which access database easily. But in most cases, we may cache some results which do not change frequently, to reduce access to our database. For example, the home page of a blog may not change  …

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